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L-Stairs A Functional Stair Solution
L-stairs, the stair shape that is a great alternative to the straight stairs, especially when there is no place for a straight staircase. An L-staircase takes up relatively little space when it runs along the wall, but if there is a room so you can benefit from having the centrally placed in the room and highlight it as part of the decor. L-staircase consists of two stair flights and since there is only a turn of a Staircase is easily carry up furniture.

Finances: A Staircase is more expensive than a straight stair, but cheaper than a U-staircase. A cost effective solution is to have L-Steps to follow existing walls. The price varies greatly depending on the material. The materials that are most costly include glass, stone, and stainless steel.
Appearance: An L-staircase can be made ​​in several ways. You can get it with a center beam or two strings at the sides or in the middle. The advantage of L-staircase is that the stairs becomes very airy.
Functionality: It is foolish to compromise on to make a steep straight staircase, and then it is much better to use the U-shaped or L-shaped stair solution. An L-stair can be had with a landing or no landing. In confined spaces, it is preferable not to use a landing it gives you namely a convenient staircase to go in. In terms of size, there are no direct restrictions on how large an L-staircase can be. A normal width at once friendly staircase in the house is 900mm-1000mm, and in public spaces, the width to be 2000 mm, depending on how frequently the stairs are used.
Material: Material-wise, we can manufacture stairs according to your wishes. Stair Details can be ordered with most wood types for example beech, oak, maple and mahogany. It is possible to get an L-staircase with steps in stainless steel or painted metal, stone or glass, if desired.
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